How does a chapter 13 case help me with my secured debts?

Generally, in a chapter 13 you must pay in full all loans secured by your residence. The good thing is that the case gives you time to pay this off during the term of the plan, unlike a chapter 7. But, while overdue payments must be repaid over the course of the plan, regular monthly payments must still be made on time. Practically speaking, this means that if you were behind on the mortgage payment, you will be making a larger mortgage payment to make up for the past due debt.

Cars purchased for your personal use within 910 days (approximately 2½ years) prior to the filing of the bankruptcy are required to be paid in full through the bankruptcy. You also must pay in full the debt for any other secured property of value that you purchased in the year before filing. However, you still may be able to reduce the interest rate on these secured debts.

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